Attractive website in 24 hours for £150?

With 24g.UK it’s possible!


our websites are accesible on all platfroms (websites can be displayed on a laptop or mobile phone)

We can create websites at an instant, as well as provide technical support.

We ensure that all websites are eyecatching and user-friendly to your customers.

We take care of all the technicalites: we set up, update and archive your website.

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Who is  24g.UK service for?

We work with clients who are expecting fast, inexpensive, simple solutions.

We help customers by supporting their businesses by giving them tools that will support them with sales e.g. in the sale or promotion of products or services.

Fast, nice and easy!

We do not require any information from customers as our specialists deal with everything – from designing to publishing on the web. We take care of updates and archives.

Why would it be beneficial to work with us?

We focus on rapid and hassle-free website development. Our goal is to relieve the client as much as possible so that he will be able to receive a remarkable project without much effort.

Quick website construction

We are able to produce and publish a stunning website in as little as 24 hours! This includes designing, editing and uploading the ready-made website.

Appealing on the phone and computer

We try to create projects that are appealing to your specific target audience. it is therefore contemporary and easy to use. all pages are adapted to the screens of mobile phones, laptops and desktops.

Technological support

We take care of all aspects of website development, so in addition to creating it, we publish it on our server. we create a good environment suitable for cms, we take care of updates, backups – putting it another way, we take care of everything so that you don’t have to think about anything.

Many years of experience

For over 10 years we have been creating websites, complete magazines, newspapers, advertisements for the large firms. place your trust in experience.

Strona w 24 godziny? To możliwe!

We start work on your project immediately!

This is important, as we know. Time is money!

Many of our clients pay attention to the time period in which it takes to build a website. We know that for you, deadlines are key and the work must be complete. Sometimes we notice that’s not always the case as there are significant delays – with you can be sure that the process will not be delayed as we use high-quality tools that allow us to build websites without any interruptions. 

Pay for results, not promises

Clear and simple rules for our cooperation

We divide the work into 4 stages. your payment is divided into these parts. we require payment after each part is complete. as a result of this, you can have the chance to track the progress of work on an ongoing basis, as well as to withdraw from cooperation in a safe way at any time – without incurring additional costs.
Well-defined rules – it’s important in business and we know it. 


Stage 1: consultation

Throughout a phone conversation, we determine the initial structure of the page, select the package, and you send us the significant files, or we determine the content that’s required.

Stage 2: layout selection

The graphics department prepares general site visualizations. Visualizations may or may not include initial customer samples. Until choosing the layout, the customer does not incur any fees in the event of resignation from the service.

Etap 3: Layout acceptance

After choosing the initial look, the graphics department places content and prepares the site for the client’s needs.

Etap 4: Final

This is the last stage. After accepting the final draft of the website, you are prepared to launch it on the web.

What we mainly offer

Options available depending on the chosen package

RWD - responsive website design

You can easily open our websites on most new Android phones, iPhones, Android tablets, Windows 10, laptops and desktops with Windows 10, 7, Vista, Linux, Mac or Chrome OS.

Logo design, cover photos for facebook or product visualization

Are you promoting a product? It is important that the product is well presented and promoted. We will prepare you a professional logo, graphics for a Facebook fan page, as well as product visualizations.

Attractive webpage with 24g.UK subdomence

A short domain name is the foundation of your business. Unfortunately, most of the attractive,, .com or .uk domains are occupied. We are able to offer our extension 24g.UK which does not lack eye-catching names.

Graphics editing

Don’t have tools for processing photos or materials? It doesn’t matter – our graphic department has great software where we can take care of the entire process for you!

The essential technical support

Don’t know much about websites? That doesn’t matter. Our specialized department will guide you step by step through the essential elements, the rest will be done by itself.


Website security is important. Hence, we pay close attention to archiving websites to restore their original condition in the event of a failure.


We update the content of pages, thus reducing the chance of their vulnerability to malware.

Licensed products

When creating websites, we only use the highest quality licensed products.

Exclusive DOMAINS

In selected packages we offer the purchase and configuration of the .COM, .UK, .NET, .PL, .COM.PL, .INFO, .EU domains. We offer a webpage address with the “” subdomain in all of our packages.


Full prices and details



Priority project

Landing page
Website hosting (1y)

Content management system: Yes! (WordPress)
RWD (Responisve website design)
Address in subdomain 24g.UK (1y)
Cms updates and plugins (1y)
Email redirecting in 24g.UK (1y)




Minor graphic corrections




Number of photos on site




Technical domain support
Use of stock photos
Graphic editing (client’s materials)
Technical support
SSL (1y, Let’s Encrypted)
E-mail address in subdomain “”
1 GB

2 GB

5 GB
Purchase of domain PL, UK, COM, BIZ, COM.PL, NET, INFO, EU
Product visualization
Simple typo logo

5 GB

20 GB
Admin panel
Facebook cover photo
Webpage access for editing
Installatiomn of unusual plugins

(🇬🇧) Contact in english

(🇵🇱) Kontakt po polsku

++48 (32) 790 44 44

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